Career Point - Job Search Information

Whether you are straight out of school newbie or a industry veteran looking for a new job is never fun. Career point makes the job search easy though.  As a member of career point you will have access to 100s of job listings posted each day. It includes diverse careers, everything from management jobs to pilots to nuclear physicists.

Before you begin a job search, you need to analyze your skill, weakness and strengths to determine the right company industry to work in.  Questions like, why did I quit my previous job? Do I want a job with more or less travel? or Do I want to work more in a team setting or alone? Questions like these will help you determine the right job for you.

Next step is to polish up your resume, paying particular attention to "objective" and "skills" sections.  One should always customize these sections to specific employers.  For example when applying for as a marine biologist working in the field, skills such as experience in scuba diving is more relevant then for a marine biologist working in a laboratory.

Finally, be persist ant, finding a well paying job that you will love is never easy. Reply to at least 10 job posting ads per day, with the invention of the internet it's easier than ever.  There are literally 1000s of job search sites out there, many specific to your industry.